A Miami-based creative agency specializing in UX web design, branding, social media, ads and content.

If you are looking for an internet project like a website, an interactive application, an e-commerce or any type of idea, you are in the ideal place. BangLUXOR has an interdisciplinary team of experts in digital business, UX (user experience), web applications, visual design and brand consulting.

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Thanks to BangLUXOR Agency’s redesign, the new site is looking better and functional. The university members provided positive feedback for the project. The team was able to pick up feedback from the client right away.

Marc Langheinrich - Università della Svizzera Italiana - Lugano / Switzerland

BangLUXOR testimonials clients

BangLUXOR Agency has delivered a great site with good speed and overall feel. They’ve stayed on budget and created new concepts to ensure a solid project management experience. The team also praises their good communication and responsiveness throughout the engagement.

Liya Jessen - USlamanche LLC - Tampa Florida / United States

BangLUXOR testimonials

The team achieved the company’s desired designs by focusing on UI/UX best practices. BangLUXOR Agency streamlined effective workflow and was receptive to feedback throughout the collaboration. Above all, the team’s customer service was their most outstanding skill.

Matias Stanley - Wamba Marketing - Viña del Mar / Chile

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